Early Childhood Education

aboutusban1-150x150Early Childhood Education – Serves students ages two to five years Monday – Friday. Provide a preparatory curriculum designed to include California’s educational frameworks that recognize and enhance the early ages and stages of development in the areas of speech, language and motor development.  We have an integral program providing education to students who have physical and special needs, and is designed to aid in social, emotional and academic development.  Language and vocabulary development is an intrinsic part of the program, and with today’s information-based society, this is now more important than ever.  Through our early literacy program, our students will achieve personal empowerment to become informed decision-makers of the future.  We provide a preparatory school program that gives our students the solid foundation in preparation for their academic training.  In partnership with parents and teachers, the Director and staff of Bright Futures will engage in ongoing communication to provide the avenues and the opportunities for our students to develop the dispositions to become self-motivated, critical, and competent life-long learners.  Bright Futures is fully engaged in an advocacy program where we give voice and represent students for the best education available on a case by case basis.  We adhere to the philosophy that learning in conjunction with proper encouragement and positive direction is an essential component in a child’s education.  Bright Futures will engender lifelong habits that will foster self-direction and independent thinking, providing instruction in a learning context that is meaningful to students, where connections are made among subject areas and that builds on strengths, experiences and cultural backgrounds.