Bright Futures Boys Mentoring Program

readingBright Futures Boys Mentoring Program – A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser; a supportive adult who works with children to build a relationship by offering guidance, support and encouragement.  Bright Futures Growth and Development Center launched a Boys Mentoring Program in January 2015, as an active participant of the Black Star Project, a nationwide educational reform organization focused on eliminating the racial academic achievement gap.  Statistics show that children who are mentored are less likely to be involved in gangs, violence, alcohol and drug use.  The goal of the mentoring program is to improve the over-all well-being of the child by supporting their educational and professional aspirations, character/leadership development, social, emotional and cultural needs, moral character, work ethic and lifelong learning.  Boys need a positive understanding of self-worth, self-respect as well as respect for others, effective communication, positive role models and employable life skills. Our mentors inspire the students to see and believe in a Brighter Future as they reach their goals.