After School Enrichment Program

academicsAfter-school Enrichment Program – Our After-school Enrichment Program provides a place for students to strengthen their academic skills through small group and one on one tutoring, get homework assistance, and develop and hone the critical thinking, study, academic and social skills needed by students who are college bound and/or career ready. Our program was designed by the Bright Futures Team in accordance with the Common Core Curriculum Standards.  Our curriculum supplements and enriches the West Contra Costa Unified School Districts’ K-12 academic instructional programs and is specifically designed for students ages 5-18. We continue to coordinate and keep open dialogue with the students’ teachers and the district to create continuity.  We believe to perform well academically and be successful well rounded individuals, students need extracurricular activities. Therefore, we offer several enhancement programs in the performing arts arena e.g. dance, drama, instrumental and vocal instruction.  Our program provides many of the skills that will help our students to excel not only in academics but develop discipline, responsibility, and become well adjusted, productive citizens in the community.