aboutusban1-150x150Early Childhood Education – Serves students ages two to five years Monday – Friday. Provide a preparatory curriculum designed to include California’s  educational frameworks that recognize and enhance the early ages and stages of development in the areas of speech, language and motor development.  Click here for more information.

academicsAfter-school Enrichment Program – Our After-school Enrichment Program provides a place for students to strengthen their academic skills through small group and one on one tutoring, get homework assistance, and develop and hone the critical thinking, study, academic and social skills needed by students who are college bound and/or career ready. Click here for more information.

readingMentor/Student Advocate – Bright Futures provides a mentor program, career training, and internships for current as well as former students. Bright Futures collaborates with cities and other agencies for summer youth employment opportunities. Additionally, we offer Bright Futures parents support and information for middle and high school students with educational materials and group meetings/classes. Click here for more information.

dramaPerforming Arts – Bright Futures hosts the highly anticipated annual theatrical performance. This performance provides a creative outlet in a mutually supportive environment to give musical and artistic direction so that students may showcase their talent in a complex and meaningful project. In preparation for this performance through the school year, students learn from first-hand experience the importance of personal discipline through hard work, further develop and enhance their gross motor skills through dance choreography, begin to understand the significance of their participation in a team setting, and develop self-confidence. The programs we provide are as follows:

  • Vocal Training – Provide instruction in the performing arts. Teach the fundamentals of vocals and learn music appreciation through classes in vocal technique, choral, R&B, and Urban. Click here for more information.
  • Dance – (Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, African, Ballet) Bright Futures uses dance as a form of expression, social interaction and exercise. Click here for more information.
  • Music – Provide instruction in the performing arts. Piano, drums, learn music appreciation (through vocal and instrument training), and develop self-confidence. Click here for more information.
  • Production – Provide instruction in Theatrical Stage Management, Costume Design, Videography, Lighting, and Sound
  • Drama – Provide instruction in the performing arts, scripts, commercials,  and speech.  Click here for more information.

martial artsPhysical Fitness – Due to the alarming trends in childhood obesity even among preschool children Bright Futures has re-focused our attention on the importance of physical activity with our students. With this increased attention comes the need to identify the amount and type of physical activity appropriate for optimal development of preschool children. Therefore, Bright Futures has a full physical fitness program where the students learn how to stretch properly, engage in light cardio fitness, nature hikes and other like activities. Click here for more information.

starsNutrition – Provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and two healthy snacks each day, preparing and serving age-appropriate portions. Our meals and snacks are prepared by using the healthy nutritional guidelines of the base food groups in which we fully educate our students, so that students are health conscious, able to focus, keep their minds sharp, and are physically prepared to learn. Click here for more information.

aboutusban1-150x150Life Skills – Bright Futures educates our students in the areas of personal care, organization, respect for self and others, communication, social skills and academic skills. Click here for more information.

aboutusban1-150x150Community Awareness – Develop a database of former Bright Futures students and assign an outreach worker for the middle and high school level in order to continue our support and involvement.