Bright Futures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit growth and development center serving students from pre-kindergarten through the young adult years. We provide a preparatory curriculum embracing the fine arts to enhance California’s educational frameworks. Our goal is to enrich our students through the formative years and to awaken their hidden talent that lies within.

Our Mission

Bright Futures Growth and Development Center inspires and empowers children and youth with educational excellence, positive reinforcement, and sense of family. Our arts program provides a creative outlet for children to achieve freedom of expression through music, dance, and drama. From its early beginnings, Bright Futures provides personal, educational and professional development to all of our students to nourish their values, enhance their education, and sense of community. We aim to inspire, providing a thorough approach of academic support, enrichment and social activities to cultivate the community leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision

We believe that one day all children of West Contra Costa will have a path to success so that their greatest dreams can be realized.